Review: Adrian Holliday (2007). Doing and Writing Qualitative Research


  • Manish K. Thakur Indian Institute of Management Calcutta



qualitative research, academic writing, discourse, language, scientific rigour


The book fruitfully combines discussions on qualitative research methods with the craft of academic writing. While detailing different stages involved in qualitative research, it accords appreciable attention to the fundamental epistemological premises of different qualitative research genres. Yet, its central concern is to demonstrate ways and means to manage researcher’s subjectivity in the writing of qualitative research. The book looks at the act of writing as crucial to the twin concerns of rigor and validity in qualitative research. It privileges writing as an important methodological resource that qualitative researchers employ to make the workings of their research procedures transparent and establish their accountability in relation to specificities of a given research setting. Given this focus, the eight chapters of the book discuss at length issues such as authorial voice, the trials and tribulations of transition from data to written study, the reflexivity of the researcher as writer, and the demanding expectations of cautious detachment in reporting the people, setting, and the worlds and sensitivities that are part of any qualitative research enterprise. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs090198


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Author Biography

Manish K. Thakur, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Manish K. THAKUR is a sociologist based at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. His areas of research interests lay in the broad fields of rural-agrarian sociology, political sociology and development studies. Presently, he is working on a research project that seeks to look into everyday politics of representation in a migrant community. In addition, he is engaged in understanding issues of social exclusion in the context of rural development in India.




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