Review: Matthias Grundmann, Thomas Dierschke, Stephan Drucks & Iris Kunze (Eds.) (2006). Soziale Gemeinschaften. Experimentierfelder für kollektive Lebensformen [Social Communities. Experiments in Collective Living]

Thorsten Berndt


The authors of this book call for enhanced scientific exploration of a basic sociological category: community. Theoretical preparation for further research in this area is provided by a focus on "intentional communities" and analysis of classical and anthropological definitions. The empirical analysis shows the experimental value of examining intentional communities in order to understand possibilities for sustainable social progress. The book's strengths would have been added to by the integration of existing empirical studies to emphasize the process of collectivization and by the provision of a clear definition of the authors' position on the question of value-free social science.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0901208


community; communitarianism; organization


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