Review: Udo Kuckartz, Thomas Ebert, Stefan Rädiker & Claus Stefer (2009). Evaluation Online. Internetgestützte Befragung in der Praxis [Online Evaluation. Internet-based Surveys in Practice]

Thomas Link


Using the example of a course evaluation, the authors of this text discuss Internet-based methods in evaluation research. The authors pursue a mixed-methods approach and emphasize the analysis of qualitative data with MAXQDA. The book's main text is interwoven with a discussion of an exemplary study, which allows readers to get a clear idea of the procedures described. Unfortunately, the book’s focus on a particular methodology and a single example limit its general usefulness. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs090352


evaluation; course evaluation; Internet; online survey; mixed methods; MAXQDA


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