Review: Reinhard Müller (2008). Marienthal. Das Dorf – Die Arbeitslosen – Die Studie [Marienthal. The Village—the Unemployed—the Study]

Gerhard Jost


The book by Reinhard MÜLLER deals with the well-known study "Marienthal: The Sociography of an Unemployed Community" by Marie JAHODA, Paul F. LAZARSFELD, and Hans ZEISEL (1933, 1971). The author presents interesting socio-historical details about the study itself as well as about the community and factory. More than half of the book is dedicated to the development of the workers' settlement of Marienthal, starting with the founding of the village and then the textile factory. The author describes historical events, important people' and developments in the community. Also additional information—portraits and memories—about the well-known study is presented. The book not only enables a deeper insight into the classical study and the settlement of Marienthal, it also illustrates (Austrian) history by way of a community and a study.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0903206


sociography; community study; unemployment; methods; classical studies


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