Conference Report: Body Knowledge: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference


  • Reiner Keller Universität Augsburg
  • Michael Meuser TU Dortmund



movement, expert knowledge, body technologies, sociology of the body, sociology of knowledge, theory of the body, body knowledge, lay knowledge, medicine, sexuality


A conjoint congress of two sections of the German Sociological Association (Sociology of Knowledge and Sociology of the Body and Sports) met to explore the various dimensions of body knowledge: explicit and implicit, reflexive and incorporated, expert knowledge and knowledge of laypersons. Relating to different social fields (school, medicine, sports, work, and sexuality), it was explained and discussed how different dimensions of body knowledge are interrelated. An additional focus was on the scope and problems of theorizing the relation of body knowledge and body praxis and on methodological questions concerning how to get access to pre-reflexive body practices. The discussions revealed that research in the sociology of knowledge expanded significantly during the last ten years, and that improving its theorizing and methodologies are central concerns for the future. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs1002277


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Author Biographies

Reiner Keller, Universität Augsburg

Reiner KELLER ist Professor für Allgemeine Soziologie, Kultur- und Bildungssoziologie an der Universität Koblenz-Landau (Campus Landau). Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind Diskursforschung, Kultur- und Wissenssoziologie, Soziologie der Naturverhältnisse, französische Soziologie.

Michael Meuser, TU Dortmund

Michael MEUSER ist Professor für Soziologie der Geschlechterverhältnisse an der TU Dortmund. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind Soziologie der Geschlechterverhältnisse, Wissenssoziologie, Soziologie des Körpers, Politische Soziologie, Methoden qualitativer Sozialforschung.

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Keller, R., & Meuser, M. (2010). Conference Report: Body Knowledge: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 11(2).

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