Review: Heather D'Cruz & Martyn Jones (2004). Social Work Research—Ethical and Political Contexts


  • Michael Göpfert University of Liverpool



context, social work, knowledge, subjectivity, objectivity, participative research, reflexivity, empowerment, oppression


This book is about doing social work research and comes straight from its authors’ practices as social work teachers. Well written, it tackles most of the wide-ranging topics in qualitative and quantitative research. Not politically neutral, the book has a clear bias, advocating for the marginalised and dispossessed. Its politics are not overbearing, however, and the quality of much of the material is excellent. It was a great pleasure to review this stimulating and interesting book, although frustrating, too, because it made me at times hopeful that it would go further in its range and coverage than it did. In sum, it is a well structured book and each chapter has an introduction and a final summary of the main points. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0603179


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Author Biography

Michael Göpfert, University of Liverpool

Michael GÖPFERT lives and works in Britain as Medical Psychotherapist and Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist. His research and publications cover the theme of parental mental health, and families with mentally ill parents. He has also published and researched in the fields of psychosomatics, aspects of psychotherapy and neuro-linguistics. His therapeutic practice encompasses all major modalities of psychotherapy and he views professional preferences such as psychoanalysis or cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy as an expression of that person's particular personality. His clinical experience is as a child and adolescent psychiatrist with families and children in distress or trouble, and as psychotherapist both with patients with psychotic experiences, or with complex needs associated with a diagnosis of personality disorder.




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