Review: Annette N. Markham & Nancy K. Baym (Eds.) (2009). Internet Inquiry: Conversations About Method

Alp Biricik


As suggested by the title, this edited collection of articles is aimed at creating a dialogue on crosscutting epistemological and methodological issues relating to qualitative internet study. The scope of the book is not to provide quick tips, but rather encourage the reader to seek new methods of conducting online research. The book is creatively structured into six parts, each one addressing a key question on methods. In addition to the two editors' contributions, 13 accomplished scholars from various disciplines intelligibly respond and share their own qualitative research experiences in online environments, providing a precise and valuable contribution to current debates in internet studies.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs100396


internet; method; methodology; online/offline data; reflexivity; privacy; research ethics; local; global

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