Review: Janice M. Morse & Linda Niehaus (2009). Mixed Method Design: Principles and Procedures


  • Joakim Öhlen University of Gothenburg



methodology, mixed-method design, validity


Mixed method design related to the use of a combination of methods, usually quantitative and qualitative, is increasingly used for the investigation of complex phenomena. This review discusses the book, "Mixed Method Design: Principles and Procedures," by Janice M. MORSE and Linda NIEHAUS. A distinctive feature of their approach is the consideration of mixed methods design out of a core and a supplemental component. In order to define these components they emphasize the overall conceptual direction of the project in terms of the theoretical drive, which is either inductive or deductive. The synchronization of the two components is either performed simultaneously or sequentially. This review particularly highlights reflections of MORSE and NIEHAUS's approach related to the significance of considering the risk of validity threats in mixed methods design, issues regarding building mixed method design on the binary of inductive versus deductive designs, issues related to "theory," and trends in methodological development such as a tendency to focus on generic qualitative research. URN:


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Author Biography

Joakim Öhlen, University of Gothenburg

Joakim ÖHLÉN is a professor of nursing and chair of the committee for studies in health care sciences at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg. His research interest is in palliative care with a focus on communication. He has conducted research with a variety of methodological approaches and is especially experienced in phenomenological hermeneutics and narrative analysis. He is leader of a research program in palliative care and currently undertaking research on patients' quest for knowledge and understanding over time when receiving palliative care and a qualitative outcome study on communication in palliative care for patients with gastrointestinal cancer.




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