Pathfinding in the World of Qualitative Social Research—From the Iberian Peninsula between the Second and Third Millennium: A Personal Testimonial

  • Miguel S. Valles Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Keywords: autobiographical perspective, qualitative methods, Spanish teachers, identity formation, intellectual biography, existential context, methodological awareness, testimonies


This article constitutes a first contribution of the author to the field of autobiographical narrative, focusing on his academic and professional trajectory related to qualitative research, and including some unforeseen aspects that emerged while writing. There is an emphasis on the spatio-temporal coordinates from which the lived experience is told. The retrospective glance combines a methodological reflection (about the genesis and development of a formative process and of acquisition of awareness), with the intention of paying homage to the teachers. It is a way of fulfilling a traditional rite of passage faced by qualitative researchers, inviting other colleagues to publish their autobiographies. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0604166


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Author Biography

Miguel S. Valles, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Miguel S. VALLES ( es Profesor Titular de Sociología en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Sus preferencias de investigación incluyen: la metodología de la investigación social (combinación de métodos cuantitativos y cualitativos); historia y sociología de los métodos de investigación social (sociedad, vida y métodos); entrevistas cualitativas; grounded theory y análisis cualitativo (manual y asistido por ordenador). Su principal ámbito de investigación ha estado dentro de la sociología de la población (juventud, vejez, migraciones).
Autobiographical, Historical, and Current Perspectives