Integrating Software in the Teaching of Grounded Theory Methodology

Agnes Mühlmeyer-Mentzel, Ingeborg Schürmann


The implementation of our hands-on seminar is based on the understanding of grounded theory methodology (GTM) as a craft that can be taught to a great extent. The successful learning process requires knowing, understanding and practising the procedural steps of this craft. It is also important to open up spaces for the development of reflexive and analytical competences. Having an orientation toward a research project within the teaching-learning process assists in deepening the understanding of GTM and provides a scope for practise and reflection at the same time. It is important for us to retain the student-centred nature of the teaching-learning process to enable active and praxis-oriented student engagement instead of focusing on the transmission of factual knowledge. The structural fit that exists between GTM and ATLAS.ti allows students to experience the software as a support in the analyses of their own data.



teaching; active learning; grounded theory methodology; CAQDAS; computer assisted qualitative data analysis; ATLAS.ti


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