Review: Irena Medjedović & Andreas Witzel (2010). Wiederverwendung qualitativer Daten. Archivierung und Sekundärnutzung qualitativer Interviewtranskripte [Reusing Qualitative Data. Archiving and Secondary Use of Qualitative Interview Transcripts]

Dina El-Najjar


Irena MEDJEDOVIĆ and Andreas WITZEL's work offers an insight into the topic of secondary analysis and research. The composition of the book is well-conceived, and chapter by chapter the authors examine the various facets of secondary analysis. The book covers key issues on the topic of secondary analysis, referring not only to existing literature but also using examples that foster a better understanding of this research strategy. They succeed in stimulating interest in this topic, as well as illustrating the effectiveness of this research method and reducing skepticism and doubt regarding secondary analysis.


secondary analysis; data archive; anonymization; data protection; interview


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