Conference Essay: The Art of Conducting Research

Alexa Maria Kunz, Tilo Grenz, Paul Eisewicht


The 3. Fulda Convention on Fieldwork—essentially based around the concept of lifeworld analytical ethnography developed by Anne HONER—provided a broad insight into recent avenues and challenges in ethnographic research. The reporting team consisted of three participants, making it possible to track the various lines of research enquiry throughout the conference. As a key result we are able to posit the existence of two quite distinct epistemologies of lifeworld within interpretative social research . Explicitly as well as implicitly, there seem to be two fundamental understandings of "world": 1. in the sense of a subjective constitution (inner world), and 2. in the sense of an inter-subjective social construct (outer world). It becomes apparent that each of these understandings entails particular methodical and methodological consequences for the whole research process.



lifeworld analytical ethnography; ethnography; sociology of knowledge


Copyright (c) 2011 Alexa Maria Kunz, Tilo Grenz, Paul Eisewicht

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