Review: Christian Thiel (2011). Das "bessere" Geld: Eine ethnographische Studie über Regionalwährungen ["Better" Money: An Ethnographic Study about Regional Currencies]

  • Rolf F.H. Schröder Freier Wissenschaftler
Keywords: ethnography, social movements, sociology of money, complementary currencies, regionalization, consumer behavior


Regional currencies have been in circulation in many parts of Germany for several years. The initiators of these projects consider these complementary monies as a significant contribution towards solving the social and ecological challenges of our time. The PhD thesis of Christian THIEL offers a look behind the scenes. In his systematic analysis, he explores the motivating forces of this social movement and assesses its chances of success. THIEL developed his research program against the backdrop of a changing understanding of the "money" issue. Theoretically, he draws in particular on the work of Viviana ZELIZER. THIEL develops a detailed picture of regional currencies by means of participant observation, interviews, and documentary analysis. In addition to the description of the movement at federal level, he also presents a case study of the Chiemgauer, the most important organization of this type.



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Author Biography

Rolf F.H. Schröder, Freier Wissenschaftler

Rolf F.H. SCHRÖDER, MA, ist als freier Wissenschaftler Herausgeber der Bibliography of Community Currency Research.