Conference Report: Sixth Annual Meeting of Qualitative Psychology "Generalization in Qualitative Psychology"


  • Leo Gürtler University of Education Weingarten
  • Silke-Birgitta Gahleitner Alice-Salomon-Fachhochschule Berlin



qualitative research, qualitative psychology, research design, methodology, generalization, workshop, methods, psychology, networking


This conference report gives an overview of the 6th Annual Conference of the Qualitative Psychology Initiative held in Velden, Austria from 21-23 October, 2005 sponsored by the Center for Qualitative Psychology (Tübingen). Only in its sixth year, the conference has already become a tradition and was once again attended by researchers from a wide variety of professions and different countries. This year the conference focused on the subject of generalization in qualitative psychology and looked at different ways in which generalization can be handled in qualitative research in psychology. This conference report aims to convey an impression of the conference as a whole, to situate it within the context of psychological research and to point towards current issues and trends in qualitative research that are related to generalization. The individual presentations are first briefly summarized in this context, but are also presented again in greater detail in the Appendix C. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0604152


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Author Biographies

Leo Gürtler, University of Education Weingarten

Leo GÜRTLER is a psychologist and works at the University of Education, Weingarten in Germany. He wrote his doctoral thesis on humor (outside and inside perspective) in school and adult education. His ongoing interest is the Research Program Subjective Theories (German: "Forschungsprogramm Subjektive Theorien") and the combination of quantitative and qualitative methodology. His recent research activities are the search for resilience factors in former drug addicts and the implementation of an innovative learning environment in school. He is at the end of his training in systemic family therapy.

Silke-Birgitta Gahleitner, Alice-Salomon-Fachhochschule Berlin

Silke-Birgitta GAHLEITNER wrote her doctoral thesis on gender-specific modes of coping with sexual abuse at the Institute of Clinical Psychology of the Free University, Berlin. She received her training in psychotherapy in Vienna (Austria) and is a licensed clinical social worker in Germany (ZKS). She is now a professor for Psychology and Clinical Social Work at the Alice-Salomon-University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and working as a lecturer at the first Clinical Social Work Masters degree program in Germany. Her main areas of work are: psychosocial counseling, psychotraumatology and trauma therapy, gender research and qualitative research methods.




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