Public Library Representations and Internet Appropriations


  • Paula Sequeiros University of Coimbra



social representations, Internet, public libraries, reading practices, readers profiles, ethnographic observation, in-depth interviews, Portugal


May the changes in the representations of the public library be propitiated by readers' appropriations of the Internet? To answer this question, a theoretically-driven and empirically-based research was developed in a public library in Portugal, combining the analysis of documents uses, the ethnography of space and Internet use, of social relations developed while reading, with the analysis of representations of the public library. No clear-cut association emerged between social-demographics or user profiles, and representations, in general. No disruptive Internet "impact" was found: Internet use may contribute to reinforce traditional representations of the library, while it may also update and democratise other representations. If the library and the Internet are represented as synonymous, the former does not make sense without the latter; but an Internet widespread and intensive use conflicts with the image of an institution dedicated to high-brow culture. Changes in uses of the public library are, instead, clearly associated with new types of readers, which in their turn reflect changes in urban social composition.



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Author Biography

Paula Sequeiros, University of Coimbra

Paula SEQUEIROS is a post-doc researcher with the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra and a researcher with the Institute of Sociology, University of Porto. Her main interests are the sociology of public libraries and reading. She has a degree in history, a postgraduate degree in documentary sciences, a Master's Degree in information society and knowledge and a Doctorship in sociology. She was a member of the Executive Board of E-LIS, an Open Access Archive in Library and Information Sciences.




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