Review: Siegfried Jäger (2012). Kritische Diskursanalyse. Eine Einführung [Critical Discourse Analysis: An Introduction]

  • Tobias Philipp Universität Luzern
Keywords: critical discourse analysis, dispositif analysis, discourse theory, Michel Foucault, DISS


This 6th and fully revised edition of "Critical Discourse Analysis" is now available, representing a considerable advance over its previous editions. The incorporation of FOUCAULT's concept of "dispositif" has facilitated theoretical streamlining as well as widened the approach to discourse and dispositif analysis. The methodology section (always quite prominent) has been adapted accordingly to take these theoretical developments into account. This edition has been restructured and refocused towards an application angle, including suggestions on applied dispositif analysis. This volume can be described as a useful introduction to Michel FOUCAULT's discourse theory as well as a manual for practical discourse analysis. Its particular perspective on critical discourse analysis also contributes to the scientific discussion on normativity and reflexivity in science itself. On the whole, this edition is more focused and developed in terms of theoretical and methodological application.



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Tobias Philipp, Universität Luzern
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