Research, Gender, and Ethics: A Necessary Triad for Change


  • Rosa Vázquez Recio Universidad de Cádiz



social science, research, androcentricity, gender, equity, bias, ethics


Presented in this article is a reflexive analysis of how gender perspectives are included in social research. The research practices of the social sciences have been based on clearly androcentric and sexist reference patterns. This has a negative effect on female researchers engaged in the production and dissemination of knowledge in different fields of the social sciences: Dominant patterns and practices continue to keep women from the planning, production, and publishing of research. These gender biases are an ethical problem and, thus, play a key role in social research. Ethics, intrinsic to all inquiry behaviours, is connected to the decisions which, in turn, are marked by gender.  In this sense ethics plays a key role in the processes aimed at promoting gender-sensitive research projects directed towards the elimination of gender discrimination and inequalities between women and men.



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Author Biography

Rosa Vázquez Recio, Universidad de Cádiz

Rosa VÁZQUEZ RECIO es doctora en Filosofía y Ciencias de la Educación por la Universidad de Cádiz. Ha participado como investigadora principal en proyectos de investigación de ámbito regional, nacional e internacional (Proyectos I+D/Proyectos de Excelencia). Sus líneas de investigación están centradas en: dirección escolar y liderazgo, género y educación, nuevas tecnologías, plagio académico e investigación cualitativa. Cuenta con numerosas publicaciones (libros y artículos en revistas nacionales e internacionales).



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