Stories about Methodology: Diffracting Narrative Research Experiences

  • Nicolás Schöngut Grollmus Universidad Gabriela Mistral
  • Joan Pujol Tarrés Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Keywords: qualitative methodologies, narrative inquiry, interdisciplinarity, reflexivity


Despite narrative inquiry being widely established in the social sciences, it is practiced in diverse ways, depending on the theoretical and epistemological stances of researchers. In this article we analyze six narratives of investigators recounting their narrative research experiences as a way to incorporate diversity within this field of inquiry. From a narrative analysis perspective, we explain our results through two different texts. The first tackles theoretical, methodological, and technical issues of narrative inquiry, while the second focuses on ethical and political aspects of the researcher's narrative experiences. These texts allow us to construct a reflexive approach to the implementation of different forms of narrative inquiry, considering their theoretical and epistemological premises of its practice.



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Author Biographies

Nicolás Schöngut Grollmus, Universidad Gabriela Mistral

Bachelor degree in Pyschology, Universidad Diego Portales (Chile) and Master in Social Psychology by Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain). I'm currently pursuing my doctoral degree in Social Psychology at the same institution.

My main research focus are related to gender studies, feminist epistemologies and critical methodologies for qualitative research.

Joan Pujol Tarrés, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Joan PUJOL TARRÉS es profesor titular del Departamento de Psicología Social, miembro del grupo "Fractalidades en Investigación Crítica" y co-coordinador del Máster de Investigación e Intervención Psicosocial de la Facultad de Psicología de la UAB. Ha trabajado como profesor en la Universidad de Huddersfield (Reino Unido) y realizado estancias de investigación en la Universidad de Reading. Su investigación desarrolla una perspectiva semiótico-material y gubernamental de los fenómenos sociales. Sus temáticas abarcan el el discurso tecnocientífico, el desarrollo tecnosocial, los actuales mecanismos disciplinares y de control, la producción de corporeidad (reproducción asistida, anorexia, transexualidad, cultura rave, masculinidad) y las identidades sexuales.

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Schöngut Grollmus, N., & Pujol Tarrés, J. (2015). Stories about Methodology: Diffracting Narrative Research Experiences. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 16(2).