Analyzing High-Profile Panel Discussion on Global Health: An Exploration with MAXQDA


  • Faith Hatani University of Manchester



high-profile panel discussion, online videos, interdisciplinary topics, global health, bilingual data, MAXQDA


This article explores the potential of open-access videos available on the Internet as a data source to identify key areas in a rather broad topic in an international context. In order to understand the latest trends relating to a global issue, the study focuses on "global health," which is a growing interdisciplinary concept across health studies, international management and public policy research. By focusing on a video of a high-profile panel discussion in particular, the study also exemplifies main features of MAXQDA to assess the dialogues made by different speakers in the video. In doing so, the article considers key aspects related to the use of the existing videos and the nature of panel discussion, and how a combination of online videos and CAQDAS can pave the way for further research.



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Author Biography

Faith Hatani, University of Manchester

Dr. Faith HATANI is lecturer in international business at Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester, UK. Her research focuses on the role of international business in economic development. She is interested in qualitative analysis of public-private interactions in achieving development goals, and foreign direct investment in infrastructure, in particular in developing countries.




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Hatani, F. (2015). Analyzing High-Profile Panel Discussion on Global Health: An Exploration with MAXQDA. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 16(1).



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