Review: Gerd Jüttemann (Ed.) (2013). Die Entwicklung der Psyche in der Geschichte der Menschheit [The Development of the Psyche in the History of Mankind]

Uwe Krebs


This introductory volume for the series entitled "The Psychogenesis of Mankind"—a collection of 32 essays contributing to the topic "The development of the psyche in the history of mankind"—is presented and evaluated in several sections. First the context is outlined briefly. A psychological study orientated primarily on a horizontal empirical-experimental axis tends to neglect the vertical axis of the long-term history of mankind. This is perhaps due to the fact that the methods used for the former tend to be qualitative in terms of description and evaluation. The next section consists of an overview of the book, and its heterogeneity of methods and subjects are highlighted. Afterwards, selected contributions are discussed. The final comments of this review point to the necessity of qualitative research methods still rarely employed in the field in question, and conclude with desiderata of future research on this topic. All in all, the book impresses with density and diversity.



methodologies for psychology; physically orientated epistemology; biologically orientated epistemology; long-run analysis; mankind and psyche; long-run history; desiderata for research; psychogenesis


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