Gender, Reflexivity, and Positionality in Male Research in One's Own Community With Filipino Seafarers' Wives

Roderick G. Galam


This article reflects on the epistemological, methodological, and ethical issues related to undertaking a cross-gender research (male researcher with female participants) in one's own community. It also examines issues of analysis and representation germane to taking a gendered perspective in this study of the lives and experiences of left-behind women. The article frames the discussion of these issues within four interrelated sites or levels of reflexivity: theoretical reflexivity, gender and fieldwork relations, positionality and the insider/outsider dynamic, and representation. The conclusion reflects on the ethical obligation a researcher conducting a study in one's own community bears and the consequences of this ethical burden on representation.



reflexivity; positionality; fieldwork relations; male feminism; male research with female participants; representation; narratives; interviews; seafarers' wives; Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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