Analytic or Evocative: A Forgotten Discussion in Autoethnography




research of professional practice, narrative methods, evocative autoethnography, analytical autoethnography, comparison of approaches


There is a need for an effective methodological strategy to sustain research on professional practice in the social services.  The opposition between the autoethnographic work of Carolyn ELLIS and Arthur BOCHNER (2000, 2006) and the analytic proposals of Leon ANDERSON (2006a) serves as lens through which to explore key aspects of the discussion: While ELLIS and BOCHNER refuse any attempt at abstract theoretical systematization, ANDERSON aims to build bridges between the ethnographic tradition and emerging forms of personal narratives. After reviewing the autoethnography literature, I conclude that although the evocative autoethnographic approach seems to have become dominant in the field, it can be enriched by the analytical approach.



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Author Biography

Xavier Montagud Mayor, Universitat de Valencia

Xavier MONTAGUD MAYOR es sociologo por la Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca y doctor en trabajo social por la Universidad de Valencia. Sus líneas de investigación son: política social, servicios sociales, infancia en riesgo y aplicación de metodologías de investigación narrativa en dichos campos. Profesor asociado de trabajo social y servicios sociales en la Universidad de Valencia (UV).



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Montagud Mayor, X. (2016). Analytic or Evocative: A Forgotten Discussion in Autoethnography. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 17(3).



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