Review: Semra Çelik (2006). Grenzen und Grenzgänger. Diskursive Positionierungen im Kontext türkischer Einwanderung [Borders and Border Crossers: Discursive Positioning in the Context of Turkish Immigration]

  • Urte Böhm Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Keywords: critical discourse analysis, in-depth interview, discourse, subject, discursive positioning, Turkish immigrants, national identity discourse, hybridity


The research project of Semra ÇELIK acts on the assumption that discourses are contested and that subjects are positioned in the middle of struggles around truth and power. Semra ÇELIK raises the question of the possibilities and limitations of the discursive positioning of Turkish immigrants within the context of discourses of national identities in Germany. Following FOUCAULT's discourse theory and Siegfried JÄGER's critical discourse analysis, in her empirical work ÇELIK makes a contribution towards the understanding of the entanglement of discourse and subject positioning. She conducted eight in-depth interviews with Turkish immigrants. By means of critical discourse analysis she analysed them with regard to self images in order to find out which discursive choices are available within the context of national discourses, which are drawn upon and which are not accessible or are refused. The research which is constructed as a pilot study shows that the interviewees—within an ambivalent space of enabling and limiting—(re-)produce the discursively ascribed identities but at the same time open up scopes—hybrid spaces—which are positioned beyond fixed images and national discourses. By means of the methodological combination of discourse analysis and interviews, the study offers interesting starting points for conducting research on the entanglement of discourse and subject positioning. Nevertheless, a deeper analysis—especially concerning the analysis of the discourses that are set into relation with the subject positioning as well as a theoretical foundation of the concept of hybridity—would have been beneficial for the informational value of the study. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0702266


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Author Biography

Urte Böhm, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Urte BÖHM (Jahrgang 1971), Dipl.-Sozialwirtin, M.A., studierte Sozialwissenschaften in Göttingen; danach absolvierte sie an den Universitäten Göttingen und Groningen (Niederlande) den internationalen kulturwissenschaftlichen Studiengang "Master of Arts in Euroculture". Derzeit arbeitet sie an den Universitäten Münster und Erlangen-Nürnberg an einer von der DFG geförderten Dissertation zum Thema Hybriditätsdiskurse in Deutschland. Schwerpunkte ihrer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit sind Macht/Wissen, Identität, Multikulturalismus, Cultural und Postcolonial Studies