Review: Franz X. Eder (Ed.) (2006). Historische Diskursanalysen. Genealogie, Theorie, Anwendungen [Historical Discourse Analysis. Genealogy, Theory, Applications]

  • Falk Bretschneider Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires sur l’Allemagne
Keywords: discourse analysis, history, Foucault, theory, applications


Even if discourse analysis has now become a largely accepted analytic tool for historians, it still raises a number of problematic issues. The present volume aims at contributing to some of the most pressing theoretical and practical debates by giving tentative answers based on theoretical and empirical inquiry. It should be noted that, unlike in other publications, most authors in this collection have tried to analyze agents' specific relations to discourses. Thus the volume questions the widely assumed and disseminated dichotomy between text-based and action-based conceptions of discourse analysis by demonstrating that discourses are never impersonal structures. By giving concrete methodological orientations, this edited volume is an important contribution to historical discourse analysis. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0702179


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Author Biography

Falk Bretschneider, Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires sur l’Allemagne
Falk BRETSCHNEIDER ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires sur l’Allemagne (UMR 8131, CNRS/EHESS) Paris. Forschungsschwerpunkt: Sozialgeschichte des Freiheitsentzuges vom 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert.