Review: Dominik Schrage (Ed.) (2005). Die Flut. Diskursanalysen zum Dresdner Hochwasser im August 2002 [The Flood. Discourse Analyses on the Dresden Flood in August 2002]

  • Annika Mattissek Universität Heidelberg
Keywords: discourse analysis, flood, nature and society


The volume edited by Dominik SCHRAGE documents the results of a research seminar held by the editor at the Department of Sociology, Technical University of Dresden, in the spring term of 2004 and fall term of 2004/05. The contributions are based mainly on discourse analysis of print media coverage of the Elbe flood in the summer of 2002. Topics include a reflection on the possibilities of implementing FOUCAULTian discourse theory within empirical research projects, as well as formal characteristics of the flood discourse, the mutual interference between the reports on the election campaigns for the Bundestag and on the flood, and finally the image of nature emerging within the flood discourse. The volume shows the potential of FOUCAULT's discourse analysis for current social events and outlines possible methodological implementations. Moreover, it is a recommended reading for those who are interested in changes in discursive structures within exceptional social circumstances in general and in the social framing of natural disaster in particular. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs070252


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Author Biography

Annika Mattissek, Universität Heidelberg
Annika MATTISSEK, geb. 1975, Dipl. Geogr., 1994-2002 Studium der Hydrologie, Geographie, Mathematik und VWL an den Universitäten Freiburg i.Brsg. und Heidelberg. Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Geographischen Institut in Heidelberg. Forschungsschwerpunkte: Diskurstheorie, angewandte Diskursanalyse, Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung, Stadtgeographie, Sozialgeographie.