Game Jams to Co-Create Respiratory Health Games Prototypes as Participatory Research Methodology

Fabio Balli


In this article I discuss how participatory action research (PAR) and game jams can be mutually enriching activities to achieve social transformation. PAR is a collaborative method where researchers and participants go through a cycle of reflection and action to understand and solve a collective challenge. Game jams are playful events where people from different disciplines build on collective knowledge to create game prototypes. The literature review is illustrated with eleven game jams held in Switzerland and Canada to create games for respiratory physiotherapy in cystic fibrosis, and to foster self-management in asthma. Together, game jams and PAR offer attractive and inclusive contexts to ease the appropriation of interdisciplinary knowledge, develop leadership and social skills, and foster civic engagement.


community-based participatory research; knowledge transfer; participatory action research; games for health; free/libre and open source software

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