Conference Report: Scientific Integrity in Qualitative Research (SCIQUAL) Seminar 2017


  • Lakshmi Balachandran Nair Utrecht University



scientific integrity, qualitative research, ethics, reflexivity, publication bias, deviant cases, glocalized methodology


The Scientific Integrity in Qualitative Research (SCIQUAL) 2017 seminar focused on the basic rules of good scientific practice and researchers' commitment to (or lack thereof in) adhering to these rules. Especially in the case of qualitative research, where there is a lack of standardized measures to ensure the quality of the methods, scientific integrity is a fuzzy concept and a big concern. To add on to this, increasing demands to publish or perish compel researchers to produce strong, concrete, evidence-based contributions at an alarmingly fast pace. Other factors like financial constraints, competition, etc. might also tempt scientists to achieve success swiftly through the use of unfair research practices. This is an alarming trait since good science is supposed to be credible, authentic, trustworthy, and ethical. SCIQUAL 2017 brought our attention to a few topics (e.g. reflexivity, ethical climate, deviant cases) which comes under the umbrella term of scientific integrity.


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Author Biography

Lakshmi Balachandran Nair, Utrecht University

Dr. Lakshmi Balachandran NAIR is assistant professor specializing in qualitative research methods at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her work explores the rigor, transparency, and impact of research methods (qualitative, specifically) in management and other social sciences. Lakshmi's articles on methodological sophistication of research methods have been published or accepted for publication in journals (Journal of Business Research, Qualitative Research in Psychology, Scientometrics, Journal of Management Inquiry) and proceedings (Academy of Management Proceedings), as well as other publications (Sage Research Methods Cases). Lakshmi has also co-authored a book where she contributed case studies on companies undergoing strategic innovation ("Strategic Novelty: A Definitive Guide to Outlier Strategies", Financial Times Press, 2015).




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