Review Essay: Narrative Contestations


  • Matti Hyvärinen University of Tampere



narrative analysis, narrative theory, counter-narratives, big and small narratives, methodology


The study of counter-narratives is a promising, yet largely neglected approach to narrative studies. This review draws on the idea that counter-narrativity might theoretically and methodologically connect the cultural, political and personal contents of narratives with the forms of narration in new ways. The anthology is discussed from the perspective of how each article contributes to identifying and theorizing both master and counter-narratives. At the same time, the book is introduced as an interesting forum for many current debates in qualitative research. The ongoing debate between contributors and discussants displays alternative strategies in reading narrative materials. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0703346


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Author Biography

Matti Hyvärinen, University of Tampere

Matti HYVÄRINEN is an Academy of Finland Research Fellow, and his current research project is The Conceptual History of Narrative. He also leads the research team "Politics and the Arts" at the Finnish Center for Excellence of Political Thought and Conceptual Change. In this project, his theme is The Political Reading of Novel, and he has published on Paul AUSTER and J.M. COETZEE, and is currently writing on Kazuo ISHIGURO.




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