A Graphic and Tactile Data Elicitation Tool for Qualitative Research: The Life Story Board

Javier Mignone, Robert M. Chase, Kerstin Roger


Data collection methods for qualitative research are varied and have a rich history. The Life Story Board (LSB) is a game board-like tool that is used to construct a visual representation of a person's narrative and his/her related context. In our study, we comparatively assessed the LSB as a data elicitation tool for social science research. We reviewed eight Canadian research projects that have used the LSB as data elicitation tool for qualitative research and assessed the LSB on the feasibility of its use, on its effectiveness to elicit information, on aspects that facilitate and/or hinder its use, and how it compares with conventional interview approaches. Our findings suggest that the LSB can be used with study participants of different gender, age, ethnicity, and life circumstances; that it is effective as a data elicitation tool, and that it facilitates engagement with interviewees, without presenting any major hindrances.


Life Story Board; data elicitation; interview; diagrammatic elicitation; visual elicitation; data collection

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17169/fqs-20.2.3136

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