Review: Adele E. Clarke, Carrie Friese & Rachel S. Washburn (2018). Situational Analysis: Grounded Theory After the Interpretive Turn

Craig Whisker


"Situational Analysis: Grounded Theory After the Interpretive Turn" is the second edition [2E] of Adele CLARKE's inspirational 2005 book [1E], where this new approach to qualitative research first appeared in the tradition of grounded theory methodology [GT]. Thirteen years, two additional authors, and a title change—from postmodern to interpretive turn—herald major revisions in 2E that update, clarify, and further distinguish situational analysis [SA], providing a more user-friendly read than its predecessor. In this review, I attempt to illuminate the relationships between SA and constructivist GT, and between SA mapping and GT coding. I experience the 2E authors' increasing confidence in their distinctive conceptualization of GT as infectious, and this is celebrated.


situational analysis; grounded theory methodology; interpretive turn; situational mapping; coding

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