Conference Report: 7th "QualiZüri" Networking Day for Qualitative Researchers

Sandra Lang, Daniela Seibert


The heterogeneous community of qualitative social research, which is little institutionalized throughout Switzerland, met in Zurich for the seventh time last year to discuss current challenges and debates in the field of qualitative research. This time, the event focused on the importance of interdisciplinarity in qualitative research regarding translation between specialized terminology, as well as methods, concepts, and theories. Key questions were: What does the increased demand for qualitative social research without parallel institutionalization in terms of quality assurance mean? What opportunities and risks arise? Which potentials arise from the convergence of various research traditions and disciplines in the research process? The participants of the Networking Day concluded that qualitative social research is facing the same challenges as seen in general science policy. On the one hand, there are opportunities for an increased establishment of qualitative research in interdisciplinary contexts, on the other hand there is a danger for scientists in the qualification phase to lose a clear professional positioning and to fall "between the cracks" of the academic communities.


interdisciplinarity; transdisciplinarity; research groups; pragmatism; grounded theory methodology; ethnography; data archiving; digitization; research policy


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