Master of Science Degree Qualitative Social Research Methods at the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua: Critical Reconstruction of Genesis and Evolution

Aura Violeta Aldana Saraccini


This article offers a descriptive and critic analysis of the genesis and evolution of the Master of Science degree in "Methods of Qualitative Social Research," offered by the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua. It is the result of an analysis whose objectives were aimed at rebuilding through the application of qualitative techniques, internal and external factors to University life that have affected and continue to affect the status of the degree program. This analysis is based on the events surrounding its rebuilding; in the article I also reflect on the importance of the qualitative paradigm to the development of strategies to address the complex task of teaching and learning how to conduct such research.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0801117


qualitative research paradigm; context; theoretical perspective; methodology and methods in qualitative research


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