Case Reconstruction, Network Analysis, and Perspectives of a Procedural Methodology

Stephan Lorenz


The procedure Bruno LATOUR developed in Politics of nature (2004) is interpreted in a methodical way and in relation to proved methods of case reconstruction. The resulting methodological model, referred to as a procedural methodology, is outlined and discussed, including its promises and problems. The procedural methodology is appropriate for integrating the various requirements for doing research and it builds bridges across different "qualitative" methods, methodology, and contemporary society analysis, just as between social and environmental research. Its main characteristics are worked out as procedurality, sequentiality, multidimensionality, reflexivity, and transdisciplinarity.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0801105


methodology; case reconstruction; grounded theory; objective hermeneutics; network; sociological theory; Latour; environmental sociology; transdisciplinarity


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