How to Involve Young Children in a Photovoice Project. Experiences and Results

  • Corinne Butschi Universität Zürich
  • Ingeborg Hedderich Universität Zürich
Keywords: research with children, participative research, group discussion, photovoice method, puppet interview


For a considerable period of time, discussions on children and how they describe their own life-worlds did not form a part of research practice (CHRISTENSEN & JAMES, 2008). Although some methods are currently being applied with success in research with children, a more comprehensive implementation of different participatory methods is necessary which takes into account the child's peculiarities. One aim of the project "Learning Together, Living Diversity" was to involve children of kindergarten age in participatory research. To demonstrate diversity in a context close to everyday life and to start conversations with the children about this topic we used photographs taken by the children in their living environment. We aim to use the collected findings to develop a didactic method for early childhood education dealing with diversity in the sense of a basic form of existence: every person is unique, and this uniqueness should be perceived as enrichment. In this method, the early childhood phase and the institutional experiences embedded within it are considered fundamental to understand and accept the existence of various life-worlds.


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Author Biographies

Corinne Butschi, Universität Zürich

Corinne BUTSCHI received her M.A. in educational psychology and special education at the University of Zurich in 2015. She is a research assistant at the Institute for Educational Science at the University of Zurich at the Chair of Special Education with the main focus on society, participation and disability. Her research interests include early childhood and participatory research.

Ingeborg Hedderich, Universität Zürich

Ingeborg HEDDERICH studied educational science and special needs education. Since 2011 she holds the chair of special needs education with the main focus on society, participation and disability at the University of Zurich. Her research is focused on early childhood, inclusion, migration, and participatory research, which she realizes in international cooperation with South American countries. Current publication (in German): "Perspektiven auf Vielfalt in der frühen Kindheit. Mit Kindern Diversität erforschen" [Perspectives on Diversity in Early Childhood. Exploring Diversity with Children] (ed. with Jeanne REPPIN & Corinne BUTSCHI, 2019, Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt).

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