Review Essay: Making Sense of Insanity: What Can Qualitative Research Do in Social Psychiatry?

Karina Korecky


The editors of "Qualitative Research in Social Psychiatry" assume there is a close relationship between qualitative research and social psychiatry. In their perspective, both fields view the concept of meaning as eminently important: first, as reconstruction of meaningful social actions and narrative identity in social sciences; second, as understanding of meaning for social psychiatry. The latter ranges from the understanding of subjective experience with psychiatric institutions to the perception of psychotic experiences. The book being reviewed offers six conceptual articles and fourteen sample studies in social psychiatry to illustrate how qualitative research is being used in the field. The authors stay within well-known theoretical parameters, but invite readers to reflect anew on the instruments of social science and the latest developments of psychiatry as an institution.


psychiatry; social psychiatry; reconstruction of meaning; biographical research; ethnography; discourse analysis; health services research


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