How Do Stroke Survivors, Relatives, and Experts Experience Post-Stroke Care After Completion of a Medical Rehabilitation Measure? Results of a Qualitative Study

  • Isabelle Hempler Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Keywords: medical rehabilitation, stroke, qualitative content analysis, semi-structured interviews, relatives, post-stroke care


While the German healthcare system has an excellent medical acute care treatment system (stroke unit) for stroke victims, it is the discharge process and post-inpatient follow-up care after the completion of a rehabilitation measure in which misuse still occur. The aim of my study has been to formulate recommendations for improvements in the aftercare process based on the experiences of the participants. All in all, 19 persons were interviewed, six experts from medical and therapeutic care, seven stroke victims, and six relatives took part in the interviews. The audio-documented interviews were transcribed with the analysis software MAXQDA and analyzed using qualitative content analysis (KUCKARTZ, 2016). The results show that the dissemination of information, the involvement of relatives, and the budgeting in the German health care system can influence gaps and interruptions in follow-up care and thus offer starting points for improvement.


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Author Biography

Isabelle Hempler, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Isabelle HEMPLER (M.Sc. Public Health) war als Gesundheitswissenschaftlerin an der Sektion Versorgungsforschung und Rehabilitationsforschung am Universitätsklinikum in Freiburg i. Br. tätig. Ihr Promotionsvorhaben mit dem Thema "Die Schlaganfallnachsorge nach medizinischer Rehabilitation aus Sicht von Patienten, Angehörigen und klinischen Experten" wurde gefördert durch das in Freiburg angesiedelte Kooperative Promotionskolleg "Versorgungsforschung: Collaborative Care". Ihre Forschungsschwerpunkte und Forschungsinteressen sind: Rehabilitations- und Versorgungsforschung, Schlaganfallnachsorge, Public Health, qualitative Sozialforschung.

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