From This Side of Pyrenees: An Overview of Autoethnography in Spain


  • Xavier Montagud University of Valencia



autoethnography, methodologies, literature review, Spain


In recent years, we have witnessed a growing interest in autoethnography in Spain. However, the visibility of Spanish autoethnography within and beyond our borders continues to be limited. In this article, I have examined autoethnographic texts written by Spanish authors for the first time. I based this examination on a traditional bibliographic review of texts published in Spanish and English up to 2020. I organized texts according to my proposal for three stages of the development of Spanish autoethnography: its emergence, its dissemination from anthropology to other academic fields, and its consolidation and diversification. In these, I address the description of the content, the disciplinary fields and the main topics researched. I focus on those which most clearly convey their concepts and visions of autoethnography. I conclude with a description of the particularities with which Spanish researchers have used the autoethnographic method, the obstacles to its consolidation and the uncertainties that may threaten its future.


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Author Biography

Xavier Montagud, University of Valencia

Xavier MONTAGUD is a lecturer at the Department of Social Work and Social Services, University of Valencia. In his research and teaching he focuses on social services and the possibilities of narrative inquiry for improvement of professional practice. His fields of expertise are autoethnography, childhood vulnerability and social work practice.




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Montagud, X. (2022). From This Side of Pyrenees: An Overview of Autoethnography in Spain. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 23(2).



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