Nurturing a Performative Self

  • Kitrina Douglas University of Bristol
  • David Carless Leeds Metropolitan University
Keywords: performative social science, creative methods, poetry, songs, representation, divided selves, nurturing


In this article we reflect on our own journeys towards becoming performative social science researchers with the hope that our experiences might be useful to others who have embarked, or wish to embark, on their own performative journeys. We consider the kinds of researcher-self that might be required to make performative projects happen and suggest that certain qualities are needed of performative social scientists which differ from, and may be in tension with, those qualities required of traditional social science researchers. In the context of a social science that continues to be dominated by the values, attitudes and practices of traditional science, we want to suggest that performative selves need to be nurtured to allow the necessary space and time to develop, mature and be realised. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802238


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Author Biographies

Kitrina Douglas, University of Bristol
Kitrina DOUGLAS, Ph.D., played golf on the Ladies European Tour for twelve years and has worked in broadcasting and the media. Since 1996 she has been conducting research in the areas of sport, exercise and health and is currently an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK.
David Carless, Leeds Metropolitan University
David CARLESS, Ph.D., is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. His work focuses on the use of narrative approaches to understanding mental health and well-being in and through physical activity and sport. He has written and recorded several CDs of original songs.
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Douglas, K., & Carless, D. (2008). Nurturing a Performative Self. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 9(2).