The Performative Manifestation of a Research Identity: Storying the Journey Through Poetry

  • Jennifer Lapum Ryerson University
Keywords: research identity, performative, poetry, narrative, reflexivity, photography, positionality, paradigm


Cultivating a research identity is an arduous journey. We are told to situate ourselves—know where we are coming from—but it is rare that people share their experiences and provide insight into a journey that indubitably shapes your research. In this performative piece, I shed light on my journey to a research identity. I provide an intimate portrayal of the blurring and temporal nature of research identities that is sometimes avoided and often unaccepted. In doing so, I hope to awaken new understandings and provide insight into what can be a direction(less) journey that leads to a sense of positioning. My journey is a tracing rendered through poetry-enhanced prose, which provides aesthetic sensibilities and the possibility for you to enter into and become caught up in our experience. As well, poetry and photography are bestowed in a way to illuminate the performative and dynamic place of my research identity and as a way to visualize and feel the story within this poetical telling. This is a manifestation of performative social science in which the voice is never solely mine and the identity is never conclusive as it continues to unfold and shift through the spaces I inhabit. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802392


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Author Biography

Jennifer Lapum, Ryerson University
Jennifer L. LAPUM is a registered nurse and a PhD candidate at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto. Her doctoral study is a narrative inquiry of patients' experiences of the technological in heart surgery. She has an scholarly passion for blending the arts and the sciences.