Performative Research in Art Education: Scenes from the Seminar "Exploring Performative Rituals in City Space"

  • Ulrike Stutz TU Dresden
Keywords: site-specific art, art education, art history, aesthetic examination, video analysis


In my contribution, I lay the foundations for a performative approach to art education research and then apply it to three examples from a performance seminar conducted with university students. In the process, I subject video documentaries produced during performative exploration of everyday rituals in public space, to a fresh performative analysis using media techniques. My research interest targets the reactions of passers-by as an expanded audience, i.e., it targets the qualitative changes of social space brought about by these actions of site specific art. The contribution is presented as a multimedia document with videos and animations. The parallel presentation of different media formats produces differentiating and activating readings. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802514


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Author Biography

Ulrike Stutz, TU Dresden
Dr. Ulrike STUTZ, Guest Professorship for Art Education at the TU Dresden.