Conference Report: "Health Policy and Programs Evaluative Research for Social Change". An Ibero-American Symposium

  • Francisco Mercado-Martínez University of Guadalajara
  • Denise Gastaldo University of Toronto
  • Maria Lúcia Bosi Universidad Federal de Ceará;
  • Sergio Carvalho Universidad Estatal de Campinas
  • Esther Wiesenfeld Universidad Central de Venezuela
  • Euclides Sánchez Universidad Central de Venezuela
  • Irma Xóchitl Fuentes-Uribe Universidad de Guadalajara
Keywords: research, evaluation, qualitative, health, programs, social change


This is a report of the "Health Policy and Programs Evaluative Research for Social Change" Ibero-American Symposium held in Guadalajara, Mexico November 1-3, 2006. Attendees represented eight countries, and were associated with NGO's and academic and health services organizations. The most important themes included in the debates were the meaning of qualitative and evaluative health research for social change, the challenges of teaching for change, ethical challenges, and possibilities for making the findings of qualitative research available to different groups or stakeholders (users, policy makers, professionals, and the population as a whole). URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802194


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Author Biographies

Francisco Mercado-Martínez, University of Guadalajara
Francisco MERCADO-MARTÍNEZ, MD, PhD, professor at the University of Guadalajara, México; director of the Qualitative Health Research and Evaluation Program (PROGIECS); author of more than one hundred publications. Research interests: chronic illness and inequalities, qualitative health research and evaluation and critical research approaches.
Denise Gastaldo, University of Toronto
Denise GASTALDO, BScN, MA, PhD, associate professor and associate dean at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, Canada. She has developed research projects in Canada, Spain, and Brazil in the areas of health promotion, migration, and social inclusion.
Maria Lúcia Bosi, Universidad Federal de Ceará;
Maria Lúcia M. BOSI, PhD, associate professor and coordinator of the Public Health Master and Doctoral Programs at the Federal University of Ceara, Brasil; PhD in Public Health. She is a researcher of the Consejo Nacional de Desenvolvimiento Científico y Tecnológico, CNPq/Brasil. Her areas of interest: qualitative research and evaluation of primary health care. She collaborates with over 15 journals.
Sergio Carvalho, Universidad Estatal de Campinas
Sergio Resende CARVALHO, PhD, professor at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), São Paolo, Brazil. Areas of interest: subjectivity, power and management in primary health care. He coordinates a project on qualitative evaluation of labor management and training of health professionals in primary health care. He collaborates with numerous journals.
Esther Wiesenfeld, Universidad Central de Venezuela
Esther WIESENFELD, PhD, professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV); PhD in Social Psychology; author of over 50 articles. She has been Head of the Departamento de Investigaciones Aplicadas del Instituto de Psicología de la UCV.
Euclides Sánchez, Universidad Central de Venezuela
Euclides SÁNCHEZ, PhD, professor in the Masters Program at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He has been Director of the Instituto de Psicología of the UCV and is author of over 50 articles.
Irma Xóchitl Fuentes-Uribe, Universidad de Guadalajara
Irma Xóchitl FUENTES-URIBE, BM, MBA, professor at the University of Guadalajara Economic and Administrative Sciences Center. She is also research assistant at the University of Guadalajara Health Sciences Center.