The Launch of the Euro in Retrospect—Insights From an In-Depth Evaluation Study in Austria

  • Karl Kollmann Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Keywords: Euro, currency conversion, consumer problems, value perception


In comparison to other Euro-countries, Austria was quite successful in launching the Euro. However, on closer examination in a study conducted in Austria in parallel with the introduction of the new currency (the only such study in any of the 12 Euro countries), researchers found that consumers still face daunting and persisting problems. This article addresses in particular the problems relating to the psychological perception of monetary value. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0403305


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Author Biography

Karl Kollmann, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Karl KOLLMANN, Stv. Abteilungsleiter Konsumentenpolitik AK-Wien; tit. a.o. Univ. Prof. der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien; Institut für Technologie und nachhaltiges Produktmanagement (Schwerpunkte: Konsumökonomie, Verbraucherforschung, Verbraucher und Neue Kommunikationstechnologien).