Knowledge Mapping as a Tool for Analyzing Focus Groups and Presenting Their Results in Market and Evaluation Research

Corinna Pelz, Annette Schmitt, Markus Meis


This article describes a tool for carrying out and analyzing focus groups that we use in qualitative market and evaluation research. This rule-based method allows the economical implementation and analysis of focus groups and results in a graphic synopsis of the essential topics. Resulting in a clear representation, the tool meets the requirements of qualitative research projects that demand an immediate feedback and a continuous dialog with the research partners. First we present the methodical elements of the technique—focus groups and knowledge mapping—and than we describe the combination of both into a conjunct tool for data gathering and analyzing. By giving an example—the evaluation of "arrangements for the improvement of classroom acoustics"—we illustrate the procedure, our experiences, the particular use of the tool and first evidences of its applicability. Finally we discuss suitable applications but also restrictions of the tool.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0402351


mapping; focus group; qualitative market research; group discussion


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