Review: Oliver Geden (2004). Männlichkeitskonstruktionen in der Freiheitlichen Partei Österreichs. Eine qualitativ-empirische Untersuchung [Constructions of Masculinity in the Freedom Party of Austria: A Qualitative Research Study]

Andreas Klärner


Until now there has been a dearth of qualitative research on right-wing extremist organizations. We know little about the daily routines of "doing politics" in these specific life-worlds. There is also little research concerning the gendered substructure of right-wing extremist parties. Many of the studies that have been done focus on women's roles in such organizations, but the vast majority of its members and supporters, namely men, are seldom analyzed. In his excellent study, Oliver GEDEN explores a rather difficult field of research, examining in which way one of the most successful right-wing extremist parties in Europe, the Freedom Party of Austria, is constructing masculinity. GEDEN not only analyzes the masculinity discourse in two party periodicals, he also conducts group discussions with party officials in order to reconstruct what masculinity means to them in their everyday lives. Furthermore, he reflects about the specific conditions of doing qualitative research on right-wing extremist organizations, particularly on the handling of access restrictions and the requirements of research ethics.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0402132


right-wing extremism; Freedom Party of Austria; group discussion; discourse analysis; research ethics


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