Review: Joachim R. Höflich (2003). Mensch, Computer und Kommunikation. Theoretische Verortungen und empirische Befunde [Man, Computer, Communication. Theoretical Positions and Empirical Findings]

Jan Schmidt


Joachim R. HÖFLICH presents a theory of the institutionalization of computer-mediated communication that centers on the user and his/her expectations. "Computer frames", consisting of rules and routines for the appropriate use of a medium and its applications as a tool for information, public discussion or interpersonal communication, structure the single usage episodes as well as the users' expectations. Drawing on a variety of data on the development of the Newspaper-Mailbox "Augsburg Newsline" in the Mid-Nineties, HÖFLICH demonstrates the usefulness of his conceptual framework for empirical analysis. His book is, therefore, a valuable contribution to the field of online research in social and communication science alike.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs040297


computer-mediated communication; computer frames; uses-and-gratification approach; virtual community; mailbox; online-newspaper


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