Collective Review: Body Experiences, Therapeutical practice, and Cultural Context


  • Tilmann Walter



body, psychology, psychotherapy, cultural history


In the psychopathologic literature recently, "early" mental disorders have received a great deal of attention. These patients have no consciousness of their inner conflicts, but rather, tend to "enact" them physically. Cultural practices like "fitness", diets, tattoo, piercing or plastic surgery can be interpreted in the same way. In between psychological and cultural perspectives, the body currently appears as a "process"—queer-identity politics, plastic surgery or artistic forms as dance (for an example) can be interpreted as "concrete practices" of an "embodiment" by which subjects try to "become what they are". Even psychotherapy seems to fit in this picture: the client's unconscious "enactments" and symptoms have to be transformed dialogically into a different narrative of "what one is" through bodily habit. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0204392


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Tilmann Walter

Tilmann WALTER, Studium der Geschichte und der Germanistik in Heidelberg; 1997 Promotion in Germanistik über "Unkeuschheit und Werk der Liebe. Diskurse über Sexualität am Beginn der Neuzeit in Deutschland" (Berlin, New York: de Gruyter 1998); derzeit wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter des DFG-Projekts "Geschichte der DFG 1920-1970" im Teilprojekt "Medizinische Forschungsförderung durch die Notgemeinschaft/DFG, 1920-1970" am Institut für Geschichte der Medizin der Universität Heidelberg; Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Historische Anthropologie, Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Geschichte der Sexualität; in zurückliegenden Ausgaben von FQS finden sich weitere Rezensionen von Tilmann WALTER; zu Literarische Imagologie und historische Anthropologie der Haut (, Körperbewegungen und ihre Bedeutungen ( und When Men Meet. Homosexuality and Modernity (



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