Review: Klaus Boehnke & Nicola Döring (Eds.) (2001). Neue Medien im Alltag: Die Vielfalt individueller Nutzungsweisen [New Media in Everyday Life: The Variety of Individual Use]

  • Gerald Kral
Keywords: new media, information, entertainment, edutainment, learning, working, social contacts, media criticism


The book's purpose is to give examples of applications of research on new media in everyday life. Topics include information, entertainment, learning, working and social contact. This is a wide arena, but the reader will find the spheres more or less familiar to him. Due to its very readable style, even the less familiar areas are unproblematic. Because the fields of applications of new media are developing so dynamically, it is not possible to give ultimate answers to every question within a single book. The merit of this book is that it gives an overview of important fields of application; its intention is not to deal intensively with each topic. The uniform structure of the different articles contributes highly to its readability. The contributions are very helpful in finding a way out of the sometimes highly emotional and irrational style in which the discussion about the topic is frequently conducted. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0204348


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Author Biography

Gerald Kral
Gerald KRAL ist Klinischer Psychologe und Psychotherapeut in Wien. Tätigkeits- und Forschungsschwerpunkte sind Psychotherapie mit Kindern und Jugendlichen, psychologische Aspekte der neuen Medien und neue Medien in psychologischen Beratungs-, Behandlungs- und Selbsthilfekontexten.
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