Review: Jan Schmidt (2005). Der virtuelle lokale Raum. Zur Institutionalisierung lokal bezogener Online-Nutzungsepisoden [The Virtual Local Space. To Institutionalize Regionally Oriented Online User Episodes]

  • Albert K. Petersheim
Keywords: computer-mediated communication, computer frame, virtual community, space, networks, virtual space


Computers and the Internet are nowadays part of our everyday lives. The advantages provided by the technical and financial resources are obvious. At the same time, daily routines change through Internet utilization and therefore relocate the importance of space and time up to the point of their apparent disappearance. In his dissertation, Jan SCHMIDT questioned ideas of space-loss (end of geography, cyberspace, Internet spacelessness) and shows, with an example of regional network utilization, that the constitution of existing space does not get lost but is instead enhanced. The anchorage of regional networks in a geographic region gets clearer in scientific research, where the provider and user step into an interest-led exchange. Jan SCHMIDT describes dimensions of virtual regional space that structure the user’s behaviour and expectations in a special way in their daily life. In this respect this is research of interest to anybody who deals with the impact of the Internet and its configuration for potential service. It is not necessarily a disadvantage that the social- and media-scientific perspective is highlighted but narrows the audience due to a very high scientific standard. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0601130


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Albert K. Petersheim
Albert K. PETERSHEIM, Diplom-Pädagoge, Dr. phil.