A Narrative-Developmental Approach to Early Emotions


  • Andréa P.F. Pantoja California State University




narratives, narrative analysis, development, emotions, processes of change, relationship processes, microscopic investigation, qualitative approach, frames, early development, emergent, mutual amplification


Over the past decades a great deal of attention has been dedicated to the broadening and diversification of the notion of narratives, which lead to a variety of models for narrative analysis and encouraged some to speak of a "narratological renaissance" (e.g., CURRIE, 1998; HERMAN, 1999). However, the application of these concepts to early development has faced a major challenge—the use of narratives (as both a theoretical framework and a methodological tool) to examine psychological processes prior to the acquisition of language. The present contribution offers a systematic approach to examine early emotional development grounded on narrative traditions. I begin by briefly presenting the relevant literature and linking it with the narrative-developmental approach proposed herein. This approach, I contend, implies that narratives and development are inextricably anchored to one another as narratives evolve over time through communication processes. I then describe within the narrative analysis the steps that I have developed to investigate emotions in the context of parent-toddler relationships. Thus, the narrative-developmental approach discussed aims to provide a conceptually grounded qualitative methodology to microscopically investigate the development of emotions and to demonstrate the inherently emergent nature of narratives. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0103147


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Author Biography

Andréa P.F. Pantoja, California State University

Andréa Paula Falcão PANTOJA is Assistant Professor in Psychology at California State University, Chico, U.S.A. Her research interests and publications focus on the application of dynamic systems and narrative principles to early social and emotional development as well as the implementation of conceptually grounded qualitative methods to examine microscopic processes of change in early parent-child transactions.




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