Using ATLAS.ti for Analyzing the Financial Crisis Data

Susanne Friese


This article is part of a larger experiment where developers of CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS) packages, or those cooperating very close with them, analyzed data based on a common data set. The aim was to find out whether the use of software influences the ways we analyze data and if so how. My argument is that software has a greater influence when users lack methodological know-how. The greater the methodological expertise and confidence in using a certain methodology in the context of software, the lesser is the influence of software. Therefore the focus of my paper is on the methodological approach that I am using when analyzing qualitative data (see FRIESE, 2011). After outlining this approach, I illustrate how I have applied it in analyzing the financial crisis data with ATLAS.ti.


computer assisted NCT analysis; ATLAS.ti; methods of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis; coding; CAQDAS; influence of software

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